Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I welcome the resignation of Bishop James Moriarty. He was a Bishop in the Archdiocese of Dublin during a time when the Commission of Investigation found that the sexual abuse of children by priests was covered up by the Archdiocese and other Church authorities.

I note that both Bishop Murray and Bishop Moriarty have resigned for the good of the church and without accepting any responsibility for the cover up of child sexual abuse by priests. This is not surprising to me. In the Murphy Report:

Paragraph 1.15 tells us that all considerations, including the welfare of children, were subordinated to an overall priority which was the good of the church and,

Paragraph 1.59 tells us there was a disturbing failure to accept responsibility on behalf of some of the bishops who gave evidence.

It is plain to see that both of these findings of the Commission are still true of the Catholic bishops today.

I reiterate my earlier call for Bishops M Drennan, E Walsh and R Field to resign following publication of the Murphy Report.

END - 23/12/2009

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