Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It is now 3 weeks since the Commission of Investigation published the Murphy Report into the handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. The Commission found that the sexual abuse of children by priests was covered up by the Archdiocese and that the structures and rules of the Catholic Church were found to have facilitated that cover-up.

Bishops Murray, Moriarty, Drennan, Walsh and Field, were auxiliary bishops of Dublin during some of the period (1975-2004) covered by the Commission of Investigation and remain bishops within the Irish Catholic Church in Ireland today.

I repeat my call for Bishops Murray, Moriarty, Drennan, Walsh and Field to resign immediately. They joined with other Bishops to issue a statement on 10th December 2009 to say that they are shamed by the extent to which child sexual abuse was covered up in the Archdiocese of Dublin, yet individually they claim to have done nothing wrong.

Their continued presence in office is an insult to every child sexually abused by a priest in the Dublin Archdiocese, they display a contemptible level of arrogance and a shocking lack of humility.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has totally failed to respond at all appropriately to the findings of the Murphy Report.

END - 16/12/2009

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