Tuesday, August 31, 2010



I am very concerned to read a report in today’s Irish Examiner revealing that the teaching of Stay Safe & SPHE programmes in schools is still not mandatory and that some schools are still not including those programmes in the curriculum.

EMPOWERING CHILDREN with knowledge, confidence and language is an important part of the child protection process. The STAY SAFE and SPHE programmes within schools are a significant part of this.

• All teachers should receive a basic SPHE pre-service training as all teachers are involved in social and personal education of young people.

• There should be a module in the SPHE programme dedicated specifically to Child Safety, Welfare and Protection at post-primary level.

• Children’s knowledge of SPHE should be assessed regularly.

I join with others today in calling on the Government to make the teaching of Stay Safe & SPHE Programmes in schools compulsory.

END 31/08/2010

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