Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In response to many media inquires this morning with regard to Bishop Martin Drennan’s insistence on not standing aside because there is nothing in the Murphy Report to cause him to, I can only reiterate that the Archdiocese of Dublin continued to mishandle cases of child sexual abuse against priests long after Bishop Drennan became an auxiliary Bishop in 1997. The extent to which Bishop Drennan is mentioned in the Report or not is irrelevant, like Bishop Moriarty he was part of the governance of the Archdiocese and therefore should have challenged the culture that existed there. Below I have detailed some of the behaviour revealed in the Murphy Report published almost 3 months ago. It should also be remembered that resignations are not just about ‘healing’, they are also about taking responsibility for what one has done, or failed to do, in a way requested by those you have offended against, not on one’s own terms.

END - 16/02/2010

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