Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I wish to condemn in the strongest possible terms the government's decision to delay publication of the Report into sexual abuse by priests in Archdiocese of Dublin by referring the matter back to the High Court today. The government has had this report since July 2009. It has had plenty of time to read it, detail its concerns over ongoing criminal proceedings and present them to the High Court on two separate occasions.

Last Thursday the High Court issued a very clear order regarding publication which a child could have understood and have actioned within an hour, but a full week later Minister Barry Andrews announces that there is 'a material fact that wasn't brought to the attention of the High Court', and so they are having to go back. If the government had made a competent presentation to the High Court originally it would not have to now return to the court with its material fact it didn't present first time round.

I am reminded of the incompetence and snail's pace of progress I observed as I watched the Department of Justice fumble and stumble its way through every stage of setting up the Dublin Commission of Investigation as a full three and a half years went by. It beggars belief that this government has found yet another example of its incompetence to parade in front of the country as if it wasn't already plain for all to see.

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